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Windscreen Assembly

Our company makes the placement of all types of windows in motor vehicle according to the assembly rules of Autover - Glassdrive and with service quality assurance.
We respect the standards set by the manufacturers of our products, in the case of windscreens the standards of Securit-Saint-Gobain, in the case of adhesives standards of SIKA and thus offer a better service to the final customer.
Almanciglass through its staff can replace any type of windshield glasses, door windows, ventilation windows, among others, in any light or heavy vehicle, whether passenger buses or even classic vehicles.
For the immediate replacement, we have a large stock of glass from windshields, glasses, side, among others.

Windscreen Repair

Did you know that the windscreen of your vehicle can be repaired, it depends on the damage suffered, but we can repair your windscreen in approximately 30 minutes.
We return to the windshield almost all its initial resistance, a crack of 4 cm would have to be replaced by a new, now it is no longer necessary, our company has a system designed to repair this type of cracking being practically invisible the fissure.
Thus being able to save time and some money.
The windshield repair instead of replacement includes several benefits for the environment.
The laminated windshields are made of two glass plates and an intermediate polyvinyl butyral (PVB).
When replacing a windscreen, this becomes a detritus that is not biodegradable, so we have an agreement with a company that gathers us all and any waste of glasses of vehicles, and sends to suitable companies to be recycled in the future.
It is known today that the waste glasses of cars are utilized in the manufacture of some final products but to better understand its use and benefits, visit the website:

Mirrors Placement

Whenever one of our customers travels to our facilities by reason of having taken off his mirror, the Almanciglass firm, Lda makes its replacement without any cost to the customer, this installation / replacement is completely free.

Formas de Pagamento

Por agora aceitamos qualquer meio de pagamento, dinheiro ou cheques, mas sendo a forma mais eficiente/fácil o pagamento por cartão de débito.

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